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This apprenticeship is designed to train a new generation of young creatives in various media fields, providing them with exposure to seasoned professionals committed to growing them in their craft as well as various on-the-job training opportunities.

The apprenticeship runs for 16 weeks, and through a combination of training classes, special industry masterclasses and practical experience, aims to upskill creatives in the critical media fields of photography, videography, social media management, and event production, preparing them for entry into the media marketplace.

To apply for the Digital Disruptors’ Apprenticeship, send a resume and cover letter to davidk@mavunochurch.org by the 1st of March 2023 or click the button below



The apprentices selected for this program will not only learn under a faculty of industry experts, but they will also get the opportunity to serve alongside them and their teams each Sunday, and as and when opportunities arise, accompany them on various on-site professional work assignments. The program will also include a team assignment towards the end of the program.

With limited capacity, the apprenticeship is limited to only 12 students, and runs from March to June 2023. The apprenticeship costs Ksh. 25,000/= per student, however the inaugural season has been subsidized to cost only Ksh. 15,000/=.

Upon successful completion of the course, each graduating student will graduate and receive a duly signed Certificate of Completion.


Why do the Digital Disruptors Apprenticeship?

  • Engagement with various highly accomplished industry experts

  • Private masterclasses with various media practitioners

  • A tour of East Africa’s leading digital media house – Kenyans.co.ke

  • Opportunity for on-site professional experiences

  • Certificate and a trade credential

To apply for the Digital Disruptors’ Apprenticeship, send a resume and cover letter to davidk@mavunochurch.org by the 1st of March 2023.


Course Outline

o Introduction to Photography
o Photography as a Career
o Photography Project Workflows

o Introduction to Event Production and why Event Production
o Various event roles and critical event flow document

o Camera operations
o Soldier drills
o Camera shots and angles
o Filming sound & lighting
o Video editing and color grading
o Storage and back-up

o Social media basics and fundamentals
o The Game of content - an introduction to the content creation
o The Game of influence - storytelling and influence : communicate
with impact

To be completed by Special industry masterclasses (2 sessions)

ordinary people, fearless influencers

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